Pasture Raised Chickens

With all the stories in the news about e.coli, salmonella, and other bugs that come from eating commercially raised birds, why would you ever buy another chicken from the store?!

We believe in letting chickens be chickens and live out their lives on fresh, green grass doing what chickens do best. We only supply supplemental feed and never use any antibiotics or other weird chemicals with our birds. The flavor that comes from a humanely raised bird simply cannot be beat. All our birds feed is Soy-free, Corn-free and Non GMO. 

Grass-fed Beef

Nothing tastes as good as 100% grass-fed beef! Our cows are fed on native pasture and are never given hormones, or grain of any kind. They get their water right from the creek on the property and are allowed to just be cows. 

Our Products

Pasture Raised Turkeys

You can't help but think of holiday dinners when you mention turkeys. We love our turkeys and having them around all spring and summer!

By letting our birds free range on the grass and in the pines of the forest, you get a better tasting bird than any other you've ever had. Make sure to reserve yours early as these go fast!

Pasture Raised Pork

If you've never eaten pasture raised pork, then you're missing out! Our pigs are given fresh pasture every few days and they get all the fresh air and exercise they want! They help root up the ground on our property in Black Forest which allows for the native grasses and plants to flourish. Pork is sold by the whole or half pig. All our pigs are fed a supplemental feed that is Soy-free, Corn-free Non GMO. 

Grass Fed Lamb

If you are one of those folks that have written off lamb for one reason or another, we encourage you to give it another try. Fed nothing but pasture grass or hay, our lambs grow well and are our personal favorite for our table.