Meat 101: 

Learn the answers to all the questions about meat such as: recalls, unpronounceable ingredients, and other unknowns in our food system, isn't time to change?
Join us for an in-depth discussion on everything meat. Learn the answers to all the questions about meat such as:
How is the meat you eat produced? What's the difference between cuts like round steak and sirloin steak? What's the difference between wet age and dry age? Ever wondered why you should buy your meat in bulk?
Get all the answers to these questions and more as we discuss and discover the American food system and meat.
We decided to make the class online and free due to covid precautions and safer at home orders.  Next class is Saturday, June 6th 2020 at 9am-11am.

Chickens 101:

This is by far our most popular class and probably our favorite to teach. A 1/2 day class, Grant goes in depth with you and explains everything you've ever wanted to know about raising your own chickens. We will educate on both laying and meat chickens.  We offer this class twice a year. Our next class will be hosted Saturday, May 30th from 9am -11am via Webinar due to the Covid precautions. This is a free class to our community.